Anywhere USB Manager won't finish installation. Hangs at Preparing first use

I can’t get the AnywhereUSB Manager software to install. It installs and then hangs at the “Preparing First Use…” window. I’ve stopped all antivirus. Shutdown the computer, uninstalled the older version of Anywhere USB Connect for TS44 that was installed previously with a reboot after. If I click cancel, it rolls back the installation, but leaves the Digi RealPort Network service in place and running. Anyone have ideas?

I am having the same problem only with first time installation both standalone and run as service. Server 2016. Investigating if there is some kind of software installation restriction.

Used this article to disable the RDS Compatibility.
This didn’t allow the install to proceed the first time. But it did allow me to cancel the install without it rolling back. Once I did that, I rebooted the system and then it allowed me to install it successfully. When launching the manager in an RDS session, it’s very laggy for me.