AnywhereUSB/14- Monitoring Redundant Features


Regarding the AnywhereUSB 14 Hub, do you have any options/suggestions for monitoring the redundant features to avoid a slient failure?

I have tested the redundant power and network which failover as expected however I do not notice any changes SNMPwalking the device to indicate a failover.

I would like to be able to monitor:
The KB indicates it uses both PS’s when both are functioning therefore

  1. When power is operating on 1 supply and which has failed


  1. When network has failed over to secondary
  2. Link status of the secondary network- how can we guarentee the secondary network is available unless a failover occours? It seems as if the link light of the secondary ethernet only comes on after failover.

Any suggestions?
Many Thanks,

SNMP functionality is limited for the AnywhereUSB G2 models at this point

  1. The only traps that are available are discussed in the AnywhereUSB Installation Guide on page 41 (see the URL just below)

  1. The Alarm functions are applicable to the DB9 serial port, if you’re using the RealPort driver to connect that serial port to a computer over the network.

  2. Digi do not offer any MIBS for AUSB at this time.

For network failover you can perform the tests mentioned in the KBase article.