AnywhereUSB and USB Hubs


Should AnywhereUSB be able to deal with a generic 7 port USB hub connected or even several hubs, or is this beyond the capabilities of the device?




You can add a USB hub to one of the USB ports on the AnywhereUSB. Just be sure to remember that our AnywhereUSB follows the USB rules and you can only have so many hubs daisy chained.

You could have 5 7 port USB hubs attached to the AnywhereUSB at a time if you wish.

Just be aware that the more USB devices you add the more network traffic you’re going to have. Also, your system resources will be depleted (depending on what you add). I would try to isolate the AnywhereUSB on it’s own network if at all possible to minimize the network traffic.

Hope this helps.
Mike Swift