AnywhereUSB and USB over IP software

Whether usage AnywhereUSB with the software like USB over Ethernet, USB Redirector, etc. or redirect separate USB devices in DIFFERENT VMWare machine is possible

The AnywhereUSB functions like a “normal” USB hub in the sense that it gives 5 USB ports to 1 PC. The difference between a normal USB hub and the AnywhereUSB is that the AnywhereUSB can be much further away from the PC since it’s network-attached.

I have BSOD with driver v2.60 (x86 & x64) and USB Redirector (

Does the PC BSOD after you uninstall USB Redirector?

BSOD when AnywhereUSB connected to computer with USB redirector. It is possible to fix?

I don’t have enough information to answer that question. We will need to go through troubleshooting. Please answer the above question to begin troubleshooting.

Well. Other problem. I have host with VMWare Workstation 6.5 and guest OS Windows XP. I cannot use device from virtual Anywhere USB hub from host in guest OS, because USB device from host disconnect and then not connect to guest OS.

Sorry for my bad English, I`am from Russia.

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Please send me the following screen captures:

  1. AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility.

  2. AnywhereUSB Viewer Utility (maximized).

  3. Windows Device Manager (maximized) with the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section expanded.

I want use USB devices from HOST machine, where installed AnywhereUSB software INTO VMWare guest machine.

USB devices in GUEST machine, where installed AnywhereUSB software work properly.

P.S. HOST machine - computer with VMWare software
GUEST machine - virtual machine on VMWare.

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Are these screen captures from the Host or Guest?

from host


It looks like the host is connected to the AnywhereUSB. IF it was on one of the virtual machines you would not see the Intel Controllers listed.

So, if you want to attach it a host/NON virtual machine you have done that successfully


I want redirect USB devices FROM HOST INTO VMWare guest OS! It is possible?
On host AnywhereUSB software driver installed.
For example, I have 5 guests OS Windows XP, and I want, that each devices on AnywhereUSB redirect to the one of guest OS.

It’s not possible to do that with an AnywhereUSB.

The AnywhereUSB connects to 1 host and gives that 1 host access to all 5 USB ports.