AnywhereUSB doesn't work for non-Administrator (XP)

We have an XP workstation connected to a printer via the 5-port G2 AnywhereUSB. We can print when logged in as a Domain Administrator but not as a non-admin. When the printer is connected directly to a USB port on the workstation, the non-admin user can print fine.

Adding the non-admin user to the Local Administrators group works but this is not the desired solution.

Which permissions should be assigned, and to what should they be assigned in order to allow a non-admin user to print over AnywherUSB?



Non-admin user accounts should be able to use USB devices that are attached to an AnywhereUSB without any restrictions, as far as I’m aware.

The only kind of restriction you may run into with a non-admin user account would be related to the configuration of the AnywhereUSB itself, for example, from using the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility to disconnect / connect / configure an AnywhereUSB.

With that being said, this is the first that I’ve heard of your issue. I wonder if it’s specific to USB printers, or your USB printer. For troubleshooting purposes, connect a more simple device, such as a USB mouse or keyboard, to the AnywhereUSB to see if the non-admin user account can use that device, or if they run into the same problem. If the same problem happens, please provide details of the symptom of the problem, for example, what exactly you mean by “can’t print”, i.e. any errors, etc.

Non Admin user can use the printer attached to AUSB.
But they cannot change the config of AUSB