AnywhereUSB rack mount option


Are there any pictures about of the anywhere USB rackmount option (301-9001-01), and are there options for racking many tens of devices (and options in that case for replacing the indiviual “wall warts” with some kind of centralised power supply.)


Hi Chris,

See the attached .doc for a picture of the 19" rack mount. It can hold at least two AnywhereUSBs side by side. More can be stacked on top, depending on how much room there is above.

About the power adapters, we have another kind of power adapter that’s better suited for rack mount environments. It uses a more standard power cable (the kind that connects to a PC or monitor). The part number for that power supply is 301-9000-04.

Hi, Thanks for the picture, seems the writing covers over the picture, (might just be open office)

With respect to the power option, can you provide a picture of this, and confirm it integrates with the rack mount option?



Yeah, it must be open office because it looks fine for me.

In summary, it’s a pretty simple mounting unit. It’s a shelf basically with holes on the bottom that match up with the plastic feet on the bottom of the AnywhereUSB hardware.

Note that this rack mount is not specifically applicable to the new AnywhereUSB/2, since that unit is a lot smaller and it doesn’t have the same standard size (enclosure) as the other ones, i.e. the AnywhereUSB/5 and AnywhereUSB TS-44. That’s not to say that they won’t fit (since it’s ultimately pretty much just a sheet of metal for hardware to sit on) but the holes wouldn’t match up with the feet.

About the power adapter, here’s a photo of one I found in the lab. It’s not the best picture quality but it should give you an idea of how it’s different than the wall mount kind. With this one, it takes up less space where it connects to the power source.