AnywhereUSB software & driver for Windows 2008

Dear Support,

Pardon me if i re-quoting again about AnywhereUSB software & driver for Windows 2008.

Are there any answer about it? Because now i’m running Windows 2008 as Production and i want to access USB external hard drive as soon as possible.

Please give me some update about this issue regarding Windows 2008 has been released more than a year.

This driver is expected to be released some time next month, in Match. We may have a beta driver available before then. Make sure your e-mail address is in your profile and it’s visible and let me know if you’re interested in the “official release” or the beta, or both.

Dear Support,
please send me the beta drivers for Windows2008 64bit. I need this urgent.
Thank you.

Thanks for your info.

I’m sorry to report that it doesn’t look like a beta driver will be available so you will all have to wait for the official release which should be the end of the month at the latest (possibly before). Apologies for any inconvenience!