AODVM and the Use of multiple routes at the same time

I am very new to this Xbee world. I am about to start my thesis for my master’s degree and I need some help. A teacher at my school is doing a research on ad-hoc multi-path multi-cast routing using rateless coding and so far the only have simulations on matlab that returned good results. I want to implement this and test it in real life and I want to use Xbee´s for this. I read that the Xbee’s modules use AODVM to discover the “shortest” path to go from one node to another one, but our idea is to use multiple paths to reach the destination. So, is there a way that I could tell the Xbee module use this path you just discovered to send these packages and use these other path to the destination to send these other packages? I hope I am clear in my question.

thank you very much for all the help I could get,