XBee Wifi Multi-Hop Ad-Hoc Network

I am looking to create a wireless network along a non-linear path that will allow me to remotely control and receive a video stream from a mobile vehicle.

A fixed transmitter will transmit to a moving receiver on the vehicle. The vehicle should have multiple XBee Wifi modules on board which it will drop and activate once the original signal has attenuated to a certain point.

The idea is that
Transmitter >>>Receiver
Signal attenuates. XBee Dropped
Transmitter >>> XBee1>>>Receiver

Signal attenuates. XBee Dropped
Transmitter >>> XBee1>>>XBee2>>>Receiver

I’m interested to know whether this is feasible or whether there is an alternate approach that would allow this functionality to be implemented.

No, the XBee WIFI modules do not have the ability to rout data. They must be connected to a Gateway directly or directly with another WIFI Device in an AdHoc connection.