wifi xbees using multiple WAP's

Hi Wi Fi Forum!
I’m a user of xbee pro 900’s for a project on a ship. I use a mesh network, to send the condition of pins on my sensor xbee to a receiver xbee connected to an LCD display. I use the mesh since I don’t have enough range to go from one xbee to the next (many steel bulkheads).

I was interested in using wifi xbees instead, using the vessel’s wifi network to bridge the range issue.

Will this work if the xbees are not on the same wireless access point?

Also has anyone had success using xbee wifi to send data to an android phone? If so, I may do away with the receiver end xbee, and make an app to use instead of the xbee/arduino/LCD display end.

ANy thoughts?

Many thanks,

The WiFi Xbee just talks to Ip addresses, so there should be no issue with multiple Access Points. However, understand that in general ‘a smart phone’ has no routable IP. They tend to be designed to pull data from servers.

So you’d need to either push the WiFi Xbee data to a server, which the phone could query at leisure, or you’d need to have the phone ‘poll/pull’ the data from the WiFi Xbee.