Can xbee wi-fi talk to xbee ZB?

Hi all

I have some xbee S2 that talk each other. If i had one xbee wi-wi, can this receive data from other xbee S2 and send it to the cloud?

My goal is to send data to a remote server using xbee wifi, and this module gets the data from other xbee S2


Not possible with wireless connection because both these modules works on different protocols.

However, I can think of these two options:

  1. Arrange an Digi Connect Port X2 or X4 and connect it with rest of Xbee S2. Connect Port gateway can connect to Device Cloud. There is an article on this as well

  2. Connect one (new/old) Xbee S2 to Xbee wi-fi using serially on UART pins. It should work well in AT mode, but for API mode you may or may not need to introduce a micro controller in between.

Hello killer32, thanks for your response.

i was hoping that i can do the two operations (receive from xbee S2 and send to internet) on the same xbee chip, but it seems that it is not possible.
About your sugestions:

1- digi connect x2 is about 110$, so it is out of question

2 - since i’m using arduino on the coordinator side to receive data from the other S2 router modules, i’ll simply add a wifi xbee and use the arduino to bridge data from S2 to the internet.

Sounds like a plan to me. Good luck.