coordinator AT Xbee S2 ZB does not transmit

I am trying to communicate between two uBoards. I am using 2 RF Modules XBee S2 ZB, one set as a Coordinator AT(called #1) and the second as an end device AT (called #2). The two uBoards exchange data. Board A with module 1 will accept data from board B and module 2 but will not transmit data to B. If I swap modules Board A with #2 will send data to board B with #1 but B will not send to A. If I change firmware so #2 is now a coordinator AT and #1 is the end device AT. The board with the revised coordinator module will not transmit data. Any suggestion as to what I have worn in my settings?

Try going from Coordinator to Router and set the Coordinator to unicast mode (Set the SL and SH of the router in the DL and DH of the coordinator).

Thank you for your help, this does resolve the problem of the two units talking to each other. However, the intent of this project is to have multiple transmitters and multiple receiver units. Only one of each would ever be in the same area at one time and the desire is to have any transmitter exchange the data with any receiver so the units do not need to be paired. I believe your response, although it works well, is specific to one unit talking to a specific second unit. Do I have the correct model to accomplish what I want or is there another way to configure the Xbee S2 for any coordinator to talk to any router?

Thanks again!

Is this the setup I need to use?
“A peer-to-peer network can be established by
configuring each module to operate as an End Device (CE = 0), disabling End Device Association
on all modules (A1 = 0) and setting ID and CH parameters to be identical across the network.”

At this point I only have 2 units to test, that will be remedied shortly but curious to resolve the issue.


You are using the wrong product for what it is you want to do. You should be using the XBee 802.15.4 modules instead. The Zigbee enabled product you are using requires the use of a coordinator in order to establish the network and to allow for communications to occur. The 802.15.4 modules allow for a Peer to peer network with all nodes powered up and only needing to be in range for communications to be possible.

Thanks! I appreciate the help.