Communication between XBP24 Pro S2 End Device and Coordinator


i have two XBP24 Modules. One configured as End Device, the other configured as Coordinator. Both in AT-Mode. Configured via X-CTU. The End-Device seems to join the Network which the Coordinator creates correctly (Operating PAN and Channel are equal after switching on each module, without switching on the Coordinator the Operating PAN of the End Device is zero, so joining seems to work).
If i understood this mode right i should be able to type any character in the terminal of one device and see it in the terminal of the other device. This does not happen. If i send many bytes the RSSI-LED lights up for a few seconds (indicating that something is beeing transmitted?), but at the other device nothing is received.

If i type anything in on of the Terminals nothing happens, i can only access the AT-Commands after “+++”. So Modules seem to work.

In attatched both configurations as Profile-Files for X-CTU. Can anybody help me getting this to work?

Have you correctly set the DH/DL settings? The end-devcie can remain zero, as it then sends data to the coordinator.

However, the coordinator will require the MAC address of the end-device set into the DH/DL or it sends no data.