two XB24-Z7 devices

Hi All,

I have two XB24-Z7 (Xbee S2) devices and I am not able to get End device to join coordinator’s created PAN.

Following are critical settings:

  1. DL and DH set in both coordinator and end node to look for other’s MAC address.
  2. PAN ID set to same on both.
  3. configured as Zigbee Coordinator AT and Zigbee End Device AT
  4. SC = 0xFFFF on both (tried setting to 1 to reduce channels did not work)
  5. security is disabled.

So far i am not able to get MY 16-bit network address on end device. Please help.

Try setting the PAN ID value on both units? They should be the same. Try issuing an ATNR0 on the End device and then check the AI command on that End device.