xbee in XB24-ZB mode

xbee in XB24-ZB mode cann’t setting MY 16-bits address!
I’m setting ID-PAN ID!

Turn off the power,then turn on the power,Sometimes MY address
is 1BD7 or D59,it’s different address!
I want MY adress become same address in any ways!
I Should be how to do it?

Hello lujiangyuan,

I am not sure of understanding your question, but in ZigBee you are not able to choose the module’s 16-Bit address. I am not sure about the 16-bit PAN-ID, ATII command in modules documentation says that:

Initial ID.
This register determines the operating 16-bit PAN ID for the network. Changing this
value will cause the Coordinator to leave the network and form another. A setting of
0xFFFF allows the system to choose its own 16 bit 802.15.4 PAN Identifier.
This setting is not writeable (WR) and will reset to 0xFFFF after a power cycle.

However, I was not able to change the value (always read 0xFFFF) in a coordinator. Best regards,