Problem configurating XBP24-ZB in API mode

Hi everyone,
i have a problem configurating my zigbee in router API mode.i set a pan id at the X-CTU but the OP-operating pan id column stays at 0 and the MY-16 bit Network adress stays at FFFE.I tried it with two different xbees but the problem remains.As for configuring the coordinator i didn’t face any problem.What should i do?

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Check the Command Reference on pages 156+.

MY @ 0xFFFE means the Router isn’t joined to your Coordinator.

OP is a read-only indicator of what PAN the Router is joined to, so a value of 0 is basically saying the same thing as the MY of 0xFFFE at this point, i.e. your Router isn’t joined.

The link above is to the ZB Product Manual, which has a wealth of information on how to form a ZigBee network, so that should be your next stop.

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thank you a lot for your answer…!