Problem joining my coordinator


I am new to xbee and I try to connect my first XBP24-SE Devices, without luck.

I’ve set up one as coordinator (ZIGBEE SE COORD API) and the 2nd one as ZIGBEE SE ROUTER API.

I’ve set the PAN ID to 123 on both. If I read the AT values on my router I can see that the Operating PAN ID stays 0, the OI is FFFF, Operating Channel is 0.

The Association Indication is at 3B, which I can not find in the documentation I’ve found on the net. What does 3B mean and what am I doing wrong?

Any help is very much appreciated, I am trying for hours now …

Thank you


AI-3B means you are using an invalid certificate.

Refer the chapter number 3 of the document at the following link, , which describes smart energy profile.



You have posted same query in two categories.

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