AI result is 0x3B invalid certificate when tried to join

i have configured

PAN ID = 0x2234
NJ = 0xFF

KY = 0x4455
NK = 0x0000
E0= 0x2


PAN ID = 0x2234
NJ = 0xFF

KY = 0x4455
E0= 0x8

I believe everything is default, however I got AI of 0x3B, and the router sends 0x91 and 0xA1 frames with Source (updater) 16-bit Address of 0x5701 where MY is still 0xFFFE.

Anyone who got the Router to Coord data sending loop done here? Please send me sample settings :slight_smile:

Hi there… You’re correct about the AI=0x3B meaning, and this makes sense because in your explanation, you mention nothing about Smart Energy Certificates. A Smart Energy certificate is a Smart Energy-specific level of security above and beyond what ZigBee offers by default. The sole Smart Energy certificate authority is Certicom. Please see the following link to create your own account, and generate a pair of Smart Energy Test Certificates (one will be needed for each module, Coord and Router).

An additional link which may be useful to you when it comes to loading that Smart Energy Test Certificate is the following:

Though there is no documentation for the app I linked above, this is a very basic API-only way to talk to your Digi Smart Energy modules on a dev board, similar to XCTU (but API-only, and Smart Energy specific).

Hope all that helps!

Thanks michaelt, your answer got the Coordinator and Router working now.

Is the a digi SE version of 1.2 now? It seems like if i paste the 1.2 certificates, the device will not accept it.

Another thing is, is it fine to get access to the codes of This application is a great help for newbie like me :slight_smile: