XBP24-SE does not join coordinator?


I am new to xbee and I try to connect my first XBP24-SE Devices, without luck.

I’ve set up one as coordinator (ZIGBEE SE COORD API) and the 2nd one as ZIGBEE SE ROUTER API.

I’ve set the PAN ID to 123 on both. If I read the AT values on my router I can see that the Operating PAN ID stays 0, the OI is FFFF, Operating Channel is 0.

The Association Indication is at 3B, which I can not find in the documentation I’ve found on the net. What does 3B mean and what am I doing wrong?

Any help is very much appreciated, I am trying for hours now …

Thank you


AI-3B means you are using an invalid certificate.

Refer the chapter number 3 of the document at the following link, http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90033931_C.pdf , which describes smart energy profile.


Thank you kavya for your answer. I had a wrong manual for my device.

I found some informations in Appendix D in the document.
I am not sure now, if I can use my 5 Xbees without any certificates? Is there a possibility to disable the need of certificates? Couldn’t find an option within X-CTU?

I’ve got them from ebay and wanted to make a little project for getting sensor data from my plants in the garden in an EASY way. (I’ve read somewhere that XBee is easy to use, but I never messed around with an device and had such little success)

Did I buy wrong XBees?

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If you want to use Normal ZigBee Pro feature set then it will work without certs. But you need to reprogram XBee S2B modules with ZigBee Pro feature set using X-CTU software.

Provided Smart Energy Public profile is not necessary to you.


At the Moment the Modem says it’s an XBP24-SE and I am able to write 4 different firmwares (SE Range Extender, Zigbee SE Coordiniator, Router, End Device)

May I change the modem type in X-CTU to another type? If yes, what should I select? Is it possible to select the XBP24-ZB?

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Yes, you can program it as ZigBee (XBP24-ZB).

Select the Modem type - XBP24-ZB, select the Function Set, click on “Show Defaults”, enable “Always Update Firmware” and click “Write”.


Thank you for your answer, I try, can not.