How to set the 16 bit PAN ID and 16 bit destination address on XBee 3 ZigBee Coordinator

I am using an XBee 3 as a Coordinator on a ZigBee network. What I want to do is to send a ZCL (Home Automation, ON/OFF) Command to toggle a socket and I am using XCTU for it. I already figured out how to set the 0x11 command on API-Mode in order to send a ZCL command.

My problem is, that I cant set the 16 bit PAN ID and the 16-bit destination address on myself. Yeah, I know that the coordinator chooses the 16 bit PAN itself but I am doing security research where I have to set these two values in order to create the exact frame that I want.
Otherwise, the command does not arrive at the socket. I also figured out that by running an XBee 3 on the 802.15.4 firmware (latest), I am able to set these two values. But I want to generate a ZigBee ZCL and therefore I need the ZigBee stack including data encryption.

You need to look over the functions to replace a Coordinator as that is how you set the 16 bit PAN ID.