connect xbee pro to wifi module

I have an arduino I’m going to be running out in a field collecting soil data data which is fairly far away from my house. I purchased the Xbee Pro Series 1 to play with, but my goal is to get that data up on my server in “The Cloud.” I am thinking the way to do this is to have the Xbee Pro gather the data from the arduino and send it to, I guess, the Xbee Wifi Module at my house which I can connect to my router. So I guess I have two questions:

  1. Can the Xbee Pro Series 1 connect to the Xbee Wifi Module?
  2. Does the Wifi module have a microcontroller I can program with AT commands or something to make HTTP POST requests to my server from data it has received from the Xbee Pro Series 1? I have gotten this working with the ESP8211 wifi chip, but it doesn’t have the 700 foot range I need.

No, the 802.15.4 XBee does not have the ability to connect to a WIFI network.

The WIFI module is similar to the 802.15.4 but it can send data directly to the Digi Cloud or any IP address and port number you so choose.

Thanks for the clarity and the quick response. Can the 802.15.4 xbee talk to the xbee wifi module?

No, the XBee WIFI module does not have a 2nd processor in which you to write code for.