A few questions regarding Xbee Wi-fi

I would like to use the XBee for a project but I have a few questions because the documentation for this is not very clear for me.

  1. To configure my Xbee will i need the $99 dev kit or is there another cheaper adapter i can plug my xbee into to configure it?

  2. I am looking to have my Xbee hooked up to an arm processor and i want to stream data to it from my android phone. I assume that my android will be able to detect my xbee if it is set up properly, correct?

might add more questions later as I think of them. thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to read and answer these.

Hey. I am pretty new to this too.

You don’t need the dev kit. Although, it would probably make things easier.

However, i am using arduino, and it seems to work really easy. I have a “wireless shield” attachment that allows for the module to interact with the arduino microcontroller.

There are other interface systems for the arduino to make it run independently. Just look around and google


This is one board that i know of, but i have no idea how to program anything with it. That’s why i stuck with arduino.

No i am sure you can send data to the module using your phone. But you have to make sure that your phone can handle that specific xbee protocol. You might need to look into that a little deeper.

I am a little rushed for time. But i can answer more questions if you have any.