Can I used the xbee regulated shield arduino to insert the Wi Fi Digi

If I could use the xbee regulated shield for arduino to insert into them a Xbee Wi-fI, and if I need to modify any components. And use the X-Ctu Software to configure the Wi fi like a xbee with the prococol zigbee.

And if possibly to comunicate the xbee Wifi to xbee Zigbee network.

The primary Question is importat, because I need information what shield of Arduino I need use with Xbee Wi Fi. For compatibility.


XCTU can be used when modules are connected directly with PC using USB or something. Arduino are used when you are connecting micro-controller with XBee module. They are two different things.

You will need a interfacing board from Digi or Sparkfun to connect module with PC.

XBee wifi and zigbee modules works on different RF protocol. Hence they can be only integrated using serial UART lines.