Create ZigBee network using Arduino, Arduino Xbee Shield and Xbee

Hi all, i am beginner with this protocol and i try to learn it.
My ideas is to create a Mesh netowork using ZigBee protocol, where my end device detect temperature , send this to router and their send the data to my Coordinator.

My setting is this:

3 End-Device: Arduino UNO + Xbee Serie 2 + Arduino Xbee Shield
2 Router: Arduino UNO + Xbee Serie 2 + Arduino Xbee Shield
1 Coordinator: Arduino UNO + Xbee Serie 2 + Arduino Xbee Shield

Xbee Shield : Xbee Shield
Xbee USB board: USB
Xbee xb24-z7: Serie2

So first step I try to create my coordinator, i put my XbeeShield on the Arduino and put Xbee in the XbeeShield.
I open XCTU program, but it dont recognize my Xbee, It see the Arduino in COM port, but it dont connect with Xbee.
So I try to flash Coordinator firmware using USB board and i perform this,so i change my Xbee but if i try to create an Router, when XCTU find the COM port, it delete the previous device because there are in the same COM port.

My question are 3:
1- There is a way to flash Xbee firmware with XCTU using Arduino+XbeeShield+Xbee ? maybe usign some sketch?
2- when I flash Coordinator firmware, my Zigbee network is created?
3- How can i set the value in XCTU software?

Thanks all for support

You need to use a board that connect the XBee modules DI, DO, RTS and DTR lines directly to the PC with level shifting so that XCTU can communicate directly with the XBee’s processor. Once you have done that, then you can change the firmware on the radio.

Try ordering any of the following boards that will let you do this:

XBee Grove Board
Some 3rd party XBee explorer boards

I can do that with USB boarda but the problem is another

how u solve this please