very new to x-bee

very new to zigbee … i have x-bee 24-b, series 2 how can i i transmit data from one zigbee to another by using x-ctu software .

You can use two Sparkfun xbee Explorer usb cards, but parallax also sells a usb adapter board.

You have to make one of your xbees a coordinator.

Plug the adapterboard in your pc, start x-ctu
Choose the usb serial port to connect to and click test/query
If it finds the xbee it will tell you so, otherwise retry or check your connections or use another port.
Now, click the modem configuration tab and click the read button
xctu wil start reading the configuration of your xbee.
Have a good look at the modem field (it will look somtething like XB24-ZB) and don’t change it!!
Change the function set to ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT
click write
The new configuration will be written to your zigbee (if not, try again)

OK, so now you have a xbee coordinator active

plug the other adaperbord into your pc and start another x-ctu session
the xbee on this board is out of the box configured as router AT and will find the coordinator.
on both x-ctu session click the Terminal tab and start typing.