How the Three Xbee Communicate, 1 - Coordinator and 2 router

i got 3 xbee pro (XBP25-ZB).
i want to use a zigbee on a USB EXPLORER ADAPTER as coordinator, it’s will be connected with another 2 as router on arduino (to plugin on arduino i got a shield).

on the arduino i will send a pulse of a hydrometer digital (water consumed).

how i can configure coordinator and router on XCTU??
obs: all my cofiguration dosen’t worked.

Just make sure one of them has the Coordinator AT firmware installed. Then leave them at default settings. When the Coordinator is powered up and then the routers, the routers will join the coordinator.

By default the Coordinator sends Broadcast transmissions to all nodes in the network where by the routers and end devices send unicast data to the coordinator.