How configurate a XBP24BZ7 in API with x-ctu

Hi, I need to configurate 2 xbee-pro zb s2b no programable (1 coordinator API and 1 end-device API) with x-ctu. I need it because I have to send a api packet from coordinator to end-device to turn on a led.

Thanks very much


In X-CTU, select the modem XBP24BZ7, select Function Set as ZigbeeCoordinator API, selct the latest version, hit on Show Defaults, enable “Always Update Firmware” and hit Write. Follow the same procedure for other Xbee module, select the Function set as Zigbee End device API.

You can find the X-CTU user guide at the following link, “”.


Once you get them connected, you would use one of the digital I/O commands (see the information in the Xbee user manual chapter #10 - I/O Commands).

If you have the Digi XBIB board, then the commands are:
P2 for led 1 (called DIO12)
P1 for led 2 (called DIO11)
D4 for led 3
D5 for led 4

The switches SW1 to S4 are D0, D1, D2 and D3.