Newbie XBee

Hi, I’m new using xbees. I have two xbee pro S2 and i have configure them using X-CTU but both Xbee can’t communicate through the terminal tab.

both is XBP24-ZB.

Coordinator API, versions 21A0
Router API, verisons 23A0.

Thank you.


Program both the modules in AT mode and try.

Plus you might want to use XCTU to fetch the newer 2XA7 firmware from the web. This is NOT on the Digi supprot site, but XCTU can find.

I myself had problems with the 2xA0 fw set.

Hi, I have a problem to find a 2xA7 firmware. X-CTU can’t find it in updates. Has anybody have idea how can I get it?

Thanks a lot

Try this link - I saved it up on the net:

Note that this ZIP also includes an experimental ‘AT Wall Router’ firmware numbered as 2BA7 which supports 20 end-device/children instead of the standard 12. It does this by limiting serial port buffers, so don’t use serial port for anything but XCTU/config.