Wi-Fi and Arduino Shields

I want to use the new XBee Wi-Fi modules with Arduino for a robot swarm project but am worried that they require more power than is available from existing Arduino Shields and carrier boards. These were designed for the more modest power requirements of the Zigbee versions.

I currently have 15 of the Sparkfun XBee Explorer boards and they’ve only got a 150 mA 3.3V voltage regulator.

Can you recommend a preferred “carrier board” / Shield that will work with the XBee Wi-Fi modules? Or else suggest what components might need to be upgraded on the carrier boards?

Also, if I reduce the output power (and range) of the XBee Wi-Fi via AT command will this bring down their power requirements so that compatible with the Sparkfun Explorer?

I would suggest to use XBIB-U-Board or XBIB-R-Dev Board from Digi.