Xbee WiFi and Arduino

Just sharing experience with the XBee WiFi modules and Arduino. The WiFi modules are mechanically bigger; they don’t fit on the carrier boards from Sparkfun and Adafruit wihtout some modification.

“Mechanically bigger” means that they’re longer and have a higher height. The metal “box” on the underside of the module is higher which causes conflict with some carrier boards that have components mounted between the two 1 x 10 headers for the XBee module.

I have to change the vertical 0.1" header (i.e. the one that connects to the Arduino) on my Sparkfun board to a right angle header so that the XBee fits. I was just building the Adafruit kit when I got the WiFi modules so I “raised” the 1 x 10 headers as high as possible (instead of pressing tightly to the PCB) and the WiFi modules would fit above the DIP on the Adafruit board.

Next problem was that the Sparkfun board power supply filtering was inadequate and WiFi module would only initialize maybe 1 in 20 attempts. I found the WiFi module datasheet has a much more stringent requirements on power supply filtering. I modified the Sparkfun (and Adafruit) boards with additional capacitors as suggested by datasheet and they now work fine. Three capacitors were added – a large 500 uF capacitor to handle the initial power surge on startup and two small values to better filter high and medium frequency noise; specific values are recommended in Digi’s data sheet.

Hope above saves others some grief.


Thanks for sharing information on the Digi Forum. This would help to others also…



The help with the big capacitor was good. It helped!!!

What I don’t understand is the addition of the small capacitors. Where do they have to be soldered?

You mention the data sheet from DIGI for the details but the data sheet I found does not mention this modification.

Best, Hans.

Do you know where I can find an example of code with digi’s wifi module and arduino togheter?

I have tried similar with a guidance of www.zembedded.com, but in between they removed the post…pleaes guide me to some tutorial …thanks

i want develop a system that permit connect the arduino to a PC and an iPhone at the same time. In other words, i don’t want any physical connection, only wireless. I’m not sure if is possible because i think that 802.15 and 802.11 work in diferentes frequences.
For exemple, create a small program in android to re-programing arduino, by wireless, not bluetooth.

Can you help me?