How to use XBee Wifi with Arduino Mega2560 IO Expansion Shield?

I have an Arduino Mega2560 with the IO Expansion Shield v1.2 ( and an XBee Wifi module. I’m very new to Arduino and XBee and I’m trying to get the XBee to communicate with my wireless network. I tried running X-CTU and I get an error when I click Test / Query. I left all the settings at default. As a sanity check, I probed the 3.3V and GND pins on the XBee and verified that it is getting power.

How do I get X-CTU to connect to it and when can I find some sample code to use with the Arduino?

Just be sure you are providing plenty of power to the XBee Wifi. You also should make sure you are conditioning the VCC line using a 540 - 680uF capacitor. The S6 requires this for inrush current issues.

Also be carful about flashing firmware. Arduino does not have the required pins to do so. If you try to flash firmware on an arduino you will need to find an adapter that does have the required pins to do a recovery.

I noticed that when the Mega is powered by a 9V adapter, then the Vcc pin on the XBee reads 3.3V as expected. However as soon as I connect the USB cable the power becomes unstable. How do I fix this issue?

I had the S6 Wi-Fi module, which requires an extra capacitor to handle the in-rush current requirements. I sent it back in exchange for the S6B, which doesn’t require any board modification.

I got the S6B in the mail today. I wrote a blank program to the Arduino, connected the 9V adapter, connected the S6B, and I still can’t get it to connect in X-CTU. I measured the voltage of the Vcc pin and it reads 3.3V even with the USB cable connected so that is a good thing. I don’t know what else to try.