Connecting xbeezigbee s2 through xbee shield v3 using arduino uno/mega

I have an xbee zigbee s2, an arduino uno(also mega) and an xbee shield v3.
I have tested connecting to xctu with an xbee explorer and the software recognises the xbee so i know the xbee is not faulty.

My issue now is that i want to connect to the xbee by stacking the shield on top of the arduino and placing the xbee in the required slot then using a usb through the arduino port.
The xctu recognizes the arduino port but each time i try to add the device with xctu an error … attention required keeps showing telling me to reset.

I have tried discovery with all options and also recovery but still not working. I need urgent help with this becous it is for my school project and xbee/arduino working together is the backbone.

Thanks in advance

In order to do what you want, you need to add Code to the Processor of the Arduino to tell it to rout data from port X to port Y.

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Thank you. But how do i do that?

That is something you need to discuses with your processor support.

The following two links might provide some hints. You’ll have to figure out how to apply to your specific hardware, perhaps adapting code as necessary.