Problems of communication between Arduino Uno and Xbee Digimesh pro 900 s3b via X-CTU

Hi everyone

I’m working on a school project and I need communication between two Arduino microcontroller. I selected two Xbee digimesh pro 900 s3b, because the Arduino will be separated by at least 15km LOS.

I have some problem getting X-CTU software communicating with the XBee module via Arduino Uno. Here’s the wiring I made between the Arduino and XBee:

PIN 1 of XBee (VCC) to 3.3V of Arduino
PIN 2 of XBee to TX of Arduino
PIN 3 of XBee to Rx of Arduino
PIN 10 of XBee (ground) to arduino’s ground

When I try to detect the XBee with X-CTU, I always get the message to reset the XBee radio, so I connect and disconnet PIN 5 of Xbee to ground. However, after minutes, nothing happens…

I downloaded the next-gen of X-CTU and the last-old version and I tried the same procedure with both and I get the same result. I also downloaded Firmware for this specific XBee and tried different baud rate without any difference…

Any idea if Arduino can be used with s3b and/or digimesh and/or pro Xbee module or if the problem occur between X-CTU and Arduino.

Any idea will be very helpful

The required lines to read or write firmware to an XBee module is VCC, GND, DI, DO, DTR and RTS. Your Arduino board simply does not provide these required lines. Try using an XBIB-U or an XBIB-R interface board or a development board to connect it to your PC with.

But, could he use a xbee arduino board adapter?

Thank for the answer

Is there any way I can use the XBee digimesh 900 HPpro s3b with an Arduino Uno? In a previous post (, you mentionned that these radio can’t be used with 2nd processor, is this my problem? If so, which xbee module should I select, this module must work with Arduino products, because I already have sensors and code implemented on these platform (I need to communicate between two points apart from about 16km). Thanks

That board may work with respect to connecting the XBee PRO 900 HP to the arduino.

The other article you are referring to deals with the Programmable version of the 900 HP. It does not correspond to the standard version. The standard version (Non programmable version) should work fine providing he has the proper connections.