Connecting XBee 868 LP Europe to PC

Hello Digi Forum!
So this is my problem:
I am apsolute beginner,and a noob…
I bought two XBee 868LP for Europe modules (XB8-DMUS 002 revG).
Hoping i can connect them directly to two Arduino UNO-s.
And create a simple one way comunication over 1500m in LOS ;

One XBee/Uno send simple potentiometer readout, and the other XBee/Uno
lisens, and move stepp motor accordingly. From what i understand this is called “Transparent mode”.

Ok, from what i see , first i must program modules in XCTU software on PC,
but i dont own Dev. Board !

My trouble is how to properly connect Xbee-s (XB8-DMUS 002 revG) to PC witout harming them.
I have read all on forum first, and what i foud out is: 3. ways:
Using Arduino:

Xbee>Arduino UNO
pin1> GND
pin2> +3.3V
pin3> RX
pin4> TX
And on Arduino i need to place a jump wire between reset pin and GND.

2.Way using FTDI232 module, but am not sure how to properly do that either.

3.Using just USB wire: To program the firmware on an XBee the six pins of the FTDI cable
should be connected as follows:

1 (Black) - pin 10 ground
2 (Brown) - pin 12 cts
3 (Red) - This is 5V VCC even on the 3.3V cable. If you want to power the module from this cable you will need to adapt this power level down to 3.3V. (VCC will go to pin 1 but be careful to have the correct voltage.)
4 (Orange) - pin 3 tx to din
5 (Yellow) - pin 2 rx to dout
6 (Green) - pin 16 rts
But it does not apply to this Xbee.
on this XB pin goes:

Please i need help, and i dont what to burn the little XBee-s…

Thank you for your support, Merry Christmas & happy new year !
And sorry for long post :slight_smile:

I would suggest you to get an interface board to be on safe side. Best one is Digi’s XBIB-U board. However, if you have budget constraint then cheaper boards from 3rd party vendors like Sparkfun can be picked up. They are fine for change in parameters but don’t attempt firmware updates using them.

However, if you wish to stick with one of stated plans, then I would go for first one with Arduino board. You will at least not burn module with this method. And I don’t think RESET pin is required to be short with GND. That is done just for a second to RESET the module. It’s not connected all the time.

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Thank you friend for such a quick reply!
i try using Arduino Uno, but my Windows 8.1 32bit, cant find driver.
Then i try disabling “driver signature enforcement”, that did not work either.
BUT i culd not wait,and i lost my patience and i hook up my FTDI232 module to pc using standard USB. then W8.1 did find driver for him. I moved jumper to 3.3V on FTDI232 module and i did qucik measurement on his outputs, and i concluded it was safe enough;
no output was higher then 3.43V (compared to GND)
Then i hook up them like so:
GND< pin1
CTS< /
VCC< pin2
TX< pin4
RX< pin3
DTR< /
and i am happy that it worked ! When i opened XCTU it has found little XBee-s !!!
Now i am realy happy!! Thank you for such a quick reply! And for such a great product!
Merry christmas and Happy/Productive new year!

I made the duplicate post disappear fyi. Thanks for the heads up.