unable to communicate xbee wifi with Arduino

I have a xbee S6B wifi module on a seeed studio v2.1 shield which is on a arduino uno. I configured the S6B using XCTU to connect to my wifi hotspot. I am able to communicate with the wifi module from Device CLoud and Dashboard. I can also ping the module IP from another computer on the hotspot. I am unable to communicate between the module and UNO. My ultimate goal is to serve up a web page on Uno with a button to control a pin and turn something onand off from another device within the hotspot network. I am confused on whether the shield connects the module to Uno other than power. What pins do I need to connect between module and Uno to get them to communicate.

Providing your boards provide the proper level shifting, VCC, GND, DI and DO. If sleeping is occurring, CTS and RTS should also be used.

Sorry I am vvery new to these boards and do not follow what you are suggesting. can you elaborate more please.

Thanks for the response.

The XBee module is a 3V device. You must have a level shifter or divider in order to connect it to a 5V device such as an Arduino.

The minimum pins needed for two way communications on an XBee is VCC, GND, Data In and Data Out. That would be Pins 1 -3 and 10.