How to physically connect xbee wifi s6b to arduino to transfer data to xbee?

Hello! I’m a student whose unfamiliar with xbee wifi s6b, we attempting to build a wireless digital multimeter but because in our design project we will use xbee wifi s6b to transfer data that we gathered from a digital multimeter to a Smart Phone. We used Arduino as our microcontroller to gathered the output data from the DMM and pass it to Xbee Wifi for transmission. I tried to search on how I can send data to xbee wifi from arduino but I only saw on how to transfer it wirelessly using 2 board of arduino and xbee wifi using a xbee shield. I am confuse on on how really I can transfer send data from Arduino to Xbee for to complete the transmission.

Can someone help me to solve this problem. Thank you so much! God bless!

for your application u just need 4 pins to connect

  1. Vcc
  2. Gnd
  3. Tx
  4. Rx
    that’s enough for the communication from the your controller i think so try it

Thank you for answering my question much appreciated. I can’t find tx and rx on xbee s6b module? Do I need a another module for that?

see the xbee wifi user manual page no 17 for pin detail is there