xbee S6b TX/RX ISSUE

i AM Using XBEE S6B Wi-Fi module Connected to microcontroller COM port as shown below

Microcontroller Com Port XBee S6B Wi-Fi
RS-232 type
RX ----------------> DIN
TX --------------> DOUT(tried switch RX/tx TOO)
Vcc(5V) –> Xbee regulated –> vin(PIN 1)
GND –> Xbee regulated —>GND(10 PIN)

I am able to connect my phone to XBee S6B and receive the data from the XBee but I am not able to transmit any data from my serial terminal on phone to XBee Wi-Fi.

I configured the XBee in SOFT AP MODE,TCP IP PROTOCOL, 9600 and gave an SSID .
Using XBee regulated for 5v to 3.3 v supply.

Did I miss anything. Why I am able to receive but not transmit over phone .

What about the port number you are using? Also make sure that you use a 3V to 5V level shifter between ALL of the XBee modules pins to your 5V device as the XBee is NOT 5V tolerant.