Xbee S6B Serial Communication

I have a Embedded system with Communication port (CTS,Rx,RTS,TX,GND) working with RS232 at 9600 BD. The micro controller on the system transmits system status messages every 3 seconds, I configured Xbee S6B on Soft AP mode and connected to the communication port of the micro controller.

I am able to connect my phone to Xbee wifi and receive the status messages to my phone(using TCP client serial terminal on phone) but i am not able to transmit data(serial commands custom to micro controller) from my phone to com port.

I have a 5v supply on board so hae to use a regulated chip
First I used Xbee regulted between the micro controller and Xbee board and i was able to connect with phone but received junk data(not readable charecters).

Second, I used Arduino as voltage source then i was able to receive data from micro controller but not transmit.

Did i miss any thing ? why I am not able to transmit the data from phone.

Everything works fine if I use a serial terminal (teraterminal) on Pc Connected to Com port of micro controller using DB9 cable.

anything wrong with signal ground, is it related to half or full duplex


You need to use a level shifter between the XBee and the Arduino hardware.

i used a xbee regulated insead of arduino module and did not work. what level shifter will you suggest. should i connect arduino–>xbee regulated—>wifi

i connected arduino—>parallax adapter—>wifi—> com port of microcontroller. I was able to connect my phone and see the data transmited by xbee on my phone but i was not ablr to transmit anything to xbee

That is because you need to use the API interface of the radio and send back the proper packets from your phones software.