Xbee end device will not spit out serial info to arduino

Objective: Send a serial command from one Arduino, across Xbee’s to a receiving Arudino, who then completes an action based on that serial data.

2 xbee Series 1. Set to Default everything. Both End Devices, Both in AP mode. On is to be my transmitter called “Talker”. and one is my receiver called “Ears”
Talking to them via Xbee Explorer boards. Using XCTU.

In the serial terminal. I send “asdf” from Talker, and Ears receives it. Cool
I send “qwert” from Ears to Talker. And Talker receives it. Cool.

Phase 2:
I hook up an arduino to Talker via TX/RX (DOUT/DIN pins). That sends out “asdf” every 2 seconds. Xbee Ears receives it in XCTU correctly. Cool.

I hook up an RS232 port to the Ears TX/RX pins. And in seperate terminal window. send “qwert” though Ears to Talker. Talker receives correctly. Cool.

Phase 3:
With current Phase 2 setup. Arduino is still sending “asdf.” In XCTU’s terminal, I see the Red ‘Receive’ arrow light up in Ears terminal everytime the arduino sends the string. But I do not see anything in the RS232 window attached to the EARS xbee.

If I send “AnyoneThere” from the RS232, I will see the Red ‘Receive’ arrow in the Talker XCTU terminal, and will receive the message correctly.

When a message is sent from the Talking xbee. I can see it in the Ears xbee, but it does not also send that message out to the attached serial port?

How do I get the receiving Xbee (Ears) to send that data out to the attached device on its TX/RX pins that it had received?

-Terminal program used is RealTerm. And have checked to see if I can view anything all formats including. Ascii, Hex, uint16, Binary, int8. No luck.

  • This problem is for a bigger project that needs to be able to read the serial info sent, and then do something with that data via an arduino.

Sounds like it may be a voltage translation issue. Remember that the XBee is a 3V device and is NOT 5V tolerant. So you do need to make sure you are using the proper level translators when connecting it to an RS232, USB or processor.

The explorer board I have it set in, has the 5vIN with a regulator to drop it down to 3.3v.

You may want to scope the pins to make sure it is working properly. I would also make sure you are using a good 3V power source for the XBee.