xbee on arduino cannot send to coordinate xbee'

Hi, I currently have problem sending data from xbee connected to arduino uno to xbee coordinator connected to pc. First my arduino code is below.


SoftwareSerial xbee(2,3) ;

void setup() {
xbee.begin(9600) ;

void loop() {
xbee.write(“Hello!!”) ;

delay(3000) ;


The code is very simple but doesn’t work. My xbee’s dataIN is connected to arduino pin 2 as rx and dataOUT is connected to pic3 which is tx. When i upload this program on xbee using ide 1.0.6 version, arduino does send data to xbee module and i can confirm it by watching dataIN led is blinking, but xbee on the other side doesn’t receive anything and doesn’t blink at all. What could’ve gone wrong? Please help me, below is my xbee end device, coordinator configuration.

end device
-DL: coordinator SL
-DH: coordinator SH
-MY: 1
-Channel: C
-API mode with escape

coordinator device
-DL end device SL
-DH end device SH
-MY: 2
-Channel: C
-API MODE with excape

Try loading the Router AT code on your End device and then send the data.