Zigbee coordinator not able to send data in API mode


I am currently working with Xbee series 2 Zigbee modules for my application. For the test and setup of the application, I tried to do a point to point between two of these modules. I configured two Xbees as Router API, set the PAN ID, set destination ID as 0x0 (to communicate to the coordinator). I then connected these routers to different mbed microcontroller over UART and wrote simple programs to transmit characters. I then took the other Xbee, connected to X-CTU and setup as Coordinator API with same PAN ID. Following this I switch X-CTU to console window (to monitor messages from router) and then switch on my routers. This arrangement works perfectly with me receiving messages from both the routers in console window.

However, I am running into issues trying to send back data from coordinator to router. The method I use is as follows - I basically what I was trying to do in my earlier test as mentioned above. The microcontroller on the router is continuously polling for data on the UART port. On the coordinator side, with X-CTU running on my PC, I work in the console mode and create the following packet for transmit :
7E 00 19 10 01 00 13 A2 00 40 E7 3F 26 68 C7 00 00 4A 65 6C 6C 6F 20 57 6F 72 6C 64 60

I transmit this packet at the console window, but my microcontroller at the addressed router doesnt receive anything. As a sanity check, I used the other router from my network and I tried using the same packet as above (with the hope that this router is able to send data to the other router), it didnt work either.

I think I am missing some basic setting or something here. Really appreciate any inputs on this.

What is Transmit Status API says? It should be helpful.

Second, double check both 64 bit and 16 bit address of destination node. You can keep 16 bit address to 0xFFFE to make job more convenient and worrying about one parameter less.

how do i check transmit status api?

Both the xbees are on broadcast. so i didn’t set a destination or MY address.

Transmit status API frames are received on UART when you send Tx API frames like one mentioned in your post.

I’m confused. In Tx API frame in your question you are sending unicast data to module 00 13 A2 00 40 E7 3F 26 but now you mentioned that you are sending broadcast.