How to connect a PC to XBee S6B wifi module in Soft AP mode and transfer data between them in UDP communication


I configured the module as below -

by using this configuration I am able to ping from the PC but not able to send data between PC and Xbee wifi. What may be the issue?

Please request support.

Hello NagaVenkat440,

You will notice that there is a Destination and Source port (DE and C0 respectively) These are in Hex format and equal port 9750 in decimal. If I were sending data from my PC to the radio or vice versa, I would send and listen on port 9750.

There is a program that is great for testing called Hercules 3.2.8 (search exactly that on Google). This program has all the capability to setup TCP or UDP connections with all the proper ports and the terminals themselves are very capable.