Problems with connection between two S6B


I have configured two Xbee S6B to connect to a existing Wi-Fi but they can’t communicate with each other. I can ping both device, so they are connected to the wifi

So times i can manage to get data though, but it is only one character and thats all.

I have both connect to a computer with the sparkfun explorer dongle

Anyone there have tried anything like with?

What is your destination IP address set to?

Are you using UDP or TCP?

What sockets are you sending and receiving on?

What happens if you simply use AdHoc mode between the two radios?

Hi mvut,

I was able to connect the two Xbee S6B modules over an ad-hoc network. I was also able to exchange data between the two modules in transparent mode. However when I switch to API mode, the modules do not receive any of the API frames sent from the other module. Any idea on what might be causing this issue?



The API data is sent over port BEE using Hex data.