How to configure XBee WIFI to act as a TCP client to connect to TCP server running in PC.

Which XBee WIFI module are you working with? Most cases it just requires to you to set the IP command along with the DL and DE commands.

Thank you for your response. I am using Xbee S6B and It act as a TCP server and I am able to connect xbee from a TCP client running in PC. But not the other way around. I have the settings mentioned by you correct.

Test it with a TCP server application like Hercules or netcat in Linux "nc -l " Listen to a port.

On the x-ctu set the DL parameter to your PC ip address and DE parameter to the hex equivalent of the port you are listening to on the PC server application. i.e: If you are listening to port 5000, set DE to 1388.

Try sending some data from the xbee and see if it reflects onto your server application.