Arduino and 26B Communication


Thank you for reading this post. I have successfully used the S2C Mesh but now I’m looking to use the S6B. My objective is to have my Arduino pro mini send sensor data to a website. I believe I am 90% there.

I have configured the module to connect to my local wifi. I am running in API2. I can hit my web-server as needed through XCTU. However, when I connect to the arduino (TX/RX->DIN/DOUT) and use Serial.write(“HEX HEX HEX HEX”);, it is not working. I can totally post code and the hex data I am sending. But what I would like to know, is this the correct approach? Should I be able to copy the hex of the entire frame from XCTU and run that through Serial.write() and expect that to work?

Thanks again,