Xbee S1 couldn't found in X-CTU (Arduino UNO R3 + Funduino I/O expansion xbee shield v5.0)

i have 2 xbee s1 modules

i use xbee adapter and arduino uno r3 + funduino i/o expansion xbee shield

the xbee was fine and readable up with adapter in xctu, but when i tried with arduino and shield, xctu couldnt found the xbee.
i’ve tried to exchange the xbee with another xbee and there is no problem in xbee, the xbee was fine with adapter but not reading in arduino + xbee shield

i use X-CTU v6.2
so whats wrong?

Your Ardion and its associated code is not designed to allow device from a PC to talk though the arduino to devices connected to it.

really? what shold i do bro:( ?
is there nothing i can do to connect my xbee+adapter to arduino+shield+xbee ?

I don’t think you understand what it is I am saying. What I am saying is that if I connect the Arduino to the PC via COM 1, then the XBee to a shield and mount it on that Arduino, I am not going to be able to talk to that XBee from the PC through the arduino without writing some sort of application directing all data from COM 1 to the COM port that the XBee is connected to on the arduino.

Now if I mount XBee one to an Shield and the PC and then XBee two to a shield and the Arduinoi, then yes I can send data from the PC to the Arduino and back to the PC via the XBee radios.

Some people would use the Xbee shield with Arduino to configure the Xbee using the X-CTU by putting a jumper between the reset pin on the Arduino and the GND in order to bypass the microcontroller so that the PC communicate with the Xbee directly and configure it … Is this true ??

watch this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odekkumB3WQ)

I am not sure how much I would trust that site. First, it is not a Digi site or a Digi authorized site or video. Next, within the first few min of the video, I found several discrepancies.

I would strongly recommend using an XBIB board, or a Spark Fun Explorer or one of the other USB enabled XBee adapter boards. Just note that you do get what you pay for. That is, if I pay $5 for a board, it is most likely going to be of lower quality and may have issues such as faulty power supplies or voltage regulators or level shifters which will damage the radio.

Oh and it is never good to hold a processor in reset.