Xbee S1 could not find any device in port

I’m using Xbee S1 module connected to Arduino UNO wifi using a Xbee shield. I have been working on it in AT mode till last week and I didn’t face any issue.

After which I configured the xbee to API mode (AT=2) and later when I closed and opened XCTU, I’m unable to add the xbee through add device.

I’m getting a error " could not find any device in port COM13 > Error initializing Xbee device parameters > connection timeout > could not read Hardware and Firmware version".

Can I get to know what would be the possible reason and how should I resolve this ?

Xbee shield used: https://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/Xbee_Shield_For_Arduino_(no_Xbee)_(SKU:DFR0015)

what version of XCTU are you working with? What baud rate is the XBee set to?

Version of XCTU: 6.3.5
Baud rate: 9600

XCTU is not able to recognize the Xbee when it is configured to API mode previously and XCTU software is closed and opened newly or restarted.

Right now I found a method to configure manually by using coolterm to open the required port in command mode (+++) and then followed by the command “ATAP 0” which makes the xbee to get configured to AT mode and later I could add xbee radio to XCTU.

But why am I not able to add Xbee S1 when it is configured previously in API ? The previous versions had a checkbox named “enable API” which is missing in this new version !!

The new version is designed to auto detect if API mode or transparent mode is enabled. From the sounds of it, you might be working with a board that does not have All of the needed lines (DI, DO, DTR and RTS) along with a USB driver that may be not optimized causing issues for XCTU to be ale to talk to it using API characters.

So should I connect them externally to my arduino in that case or what should I do ? I’m sorry if my question is silly I’m new to Xbee.

You need to use the proper level shifters. Try an XBee Arduino adapter or Shield.