Problem connecting XBee S2 in API mode to XCTU V6.2

I am having problems with the newest version of XCTU software.
I’m using XBee Series 2 + Arduino board.

The problem is that when I try to read a device in API mode to XCTU (version 6.2.0 or 6.1.1), the software doesn’t recognize the device and this error appears:

“error discovering device: could not find any device in port COM7 > error initializing Xbee device parameters > connection time out > could not read hardware and firmware”

When I use older versions or XCTU everything works, so I don’t think the configuration is wrong. In addition, if I use the AT mode it also works.

The only useful answer that I’ve read is that it’s not possible to use Arduino boards to update firmware. Is that true???

PS: When I tried to configure the devices in API mode with this software, I bricked the devices, so I had to use an older software I was referring to above to recover the devices

Thank you very much.

Okay, so, in case it occurs to anyone else…
The problem was that the new version is INCOMPATIBLE with older versions… So unistall the old version and everything should work.

Hi, I have the same problem but i can’t solve it. What have I to do? I have xctu 6.2 that recognizes xbee s2c in AT mode without problem but if i try to put the module in api mode, xctu doesn’t find it. I use an Arduino Wireless Shield to modify the xbee parameters. Can I use it?

For the updated version of XCTU to work with the modules, the DTR and RTS lines are required. Both of these lines are not present on the Shields.

Ok thank you very much, can you suggest me a shield that provides these options? Anyway, when i will finish to configure xbee modules on xctu, will they work on the arduino shield? Thank you again. Lorenzo.

You might want to check with Adafruit. They may have one that has all of the lines and can be connected to an arduino.