Xbee S1 Could Not Initialize Device

I’m trying to connect two XBee S1 units. One is on a Sparkfun Explorer USB and the other is mounted on an Arduino Uno board and plugged into the PC by USB. If I am looking at the one on the Explorer in XTCU, I can see the other XBee but when I try to connect i get an error from XTCU saying ‘Could not Initialize device’.

I have used the setup found on an XBee Setup Tutorial (https://spin.atomicobject.com/2016/07/18/xbee-tutorial/).

Any thoughts on what might be missing here? This is my first try with XBees. I’m trying to do a project from Exploring Arduino (Chapter 11) where they are using the XBees but can’t get them to talk to each other. Any help would be appreciated!!


Are you using API mode? If not, that’s why you are not able to talk to the remote XBee from the local XBee.

When I put it into API mode on, they connect but I’m unable to type stuff in the console of XCTU. I am running a program on the arduino that is supposed to allow you to make a simple chatting service between the serial monitor of the arduino and the console of the xBee.

What I am referring to is that the XBee module connected to the Arduino should be in API mode. The one you are connecting to the PC can be in transparent mode.