error initializing xbee device parameters = connection timeout

getting the above specified error after configuring my xbee s2 module in zigbee coordinator api mode.
How to rectify this error?

What version of XCTU are you getting this in?

I have the same problem, after configuring my xbee s1 module in api mode when trying xctu to recognize it i get the following error:

could not find any device in COM 8>error initializing xbee device parameters>connection timeout >Could not read Hardware and Firmware version.

Using XCTU version 6.1.2

I had exactly the same issue,with xbee s1,using XCTU version 6.1.2.

Change from API mode,to AT.
What I did was installing the legacy version of XCTU and went to Modem Configuration>Serial Interfacing.

I also have same problem.Can anyone help us???

Hi, I’m facing the same problem as well after changing my Xbee S1 modules to API mode and connecting again to XCTU after a day. Any solution to this issue ?

Hello, I was just facing this problem today and found a workaround. I used PuTTY to set the AP mode to 0, and I could access the settings through XCTU again.

Concretely, in PuTTY under Serial tab, I changed the COM port and turned Flow control off, left the other defaults.
Once in, I typed the following:


You should just see it respond with “OK”. Then you can close PuTTY and try to search for the module with XCTU.